What Do I Get with an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for Beginners?

September 9, 2015

So you’re ready to make the transition into the world of vaping, but you’re not quite sure where to start; this type of scenario is far more common than you might think. After all, there are all kinds of accessories and equipment available in the world of electronic cigarettes, and with so many choices and […]

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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette Liquid Flavors

How to
September 5, 2015

Due to the diversity that E-Liquid brings to the game, there will never be a shortage of flavors when it comes to E-cigarettes. Once a person steps into the world of vaping they will quickly discover that one door usually leads to ten others. This can be a great thing, but it also adds a […]

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Tutorial – Temperature Control Mods

Tutorial - Temperature Control Mods
August 29, 2015

Vaping will never be a constant entity. It’s meant to evolve and shift as new innovations, ideas and information comes to the forefront. One part of the evolutionary process comes in the form of temperature control box mods. For as long as developers follow their vision to satisfy everyone who makes the switch to electronic […]

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What’s the Difference Between Regulated Box Mods and Mechanical Box Mods?

August 22, 2015

The world of electronic cigarettes has a vocabulary all of its own, and it’s relatively easy for a newcomer to get confused with the various details and nuances of vaping jargon. One of the most common areas of misunderstanding is in regards to electronic cigarette box mods. Two of the most prominent terms used in […]

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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Expands Its Wholesale Division

Vector isometric warehouse building icon
August 19, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette has taken the next step towards growing their electronic cigarette market by joining forces with some big names in manufacturing. More specifically, the Breathe E-Cig has decided to expand their wholesale division through adding high quality brands to the mix. Now, instead of just providing eager customers with […]

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Breathe Introduces the New Sigelei 150 Watt Temperature Control Box

1. Breathe Introduces the New Sigelei 150 Watt Temperature Control Box - Box Mods
August 15, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette has added another revolutionary temperature control box to their already impressive collection and it’s called the Sigelei 150 Watt TC. As with so many of Breathe E-Cig’s quality vaping products, the Sigelei is bound to lead the competition in making the vaping process even more rewarding.

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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Introduces the Joyetech eVic TC 60Watt Box Full Kit

August 13, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette introduces the Joyetech eVic TC 60watt Box full kit, the next step in vaping technology.   The eVic TC 60watt Box, the latest in temperature control box mods from Joyetech and Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, gives the user greater control over their vaping experience. The cutting edge technology in […]

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6 Ways Quitting Smoking Makes You Smoking Hot

August 10, 2015

Kicking your cigarette habit not only makes you healthier – it can make you smoking hot! Face it, smoking takes a toll on your looks, and when you quit smoking your appearance can improve in six important ways.

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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Introduces the New Nickel Coil That fits in the Donner 22 Tank and also is Compatible with the Atlantis

Nickel Coil1
August 10, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Breathe’s nickel coil not only fits Breathe Intelligent Cigarette’s popular new Donner 22 sub-ohm tank, but fits right into Aspire’s Atlantis Tank, which features an innovative bottom vertical coil design. Coil Specs   The nickel coil is suitable for use in temperature control units up to 0.15 ohms, and it supports […]

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What is a Temperature Control Cigarette Tank?

What is a Temperature Control Cigarette Tank
August 3, 2015

There have been several notable changes and in the electronic cigarette market in recent years, with one of the most significant innovations being the temperature control cigarette tank. In vaping parlance, this newly introduced feature falls under the category of a “mod” (i.e., a modification), which means that it is an improvement upon an existing […]

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What is a Vaporizer Mod?

What is a Vaporizer Mod
July 27, 2015

The advent of e-cigarettes has spawned an entire community of highly engaged vaping enthusiasts, many of whom are very creative in how they choose to select their vaping devices and accompanying equipment. As with any other subculture, vaping has its own jargon and modes of expression, and vapers the world over are constantly looking for […]

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What is a Temperature Control Box Mod?

What is a Temperature Control Box Mod
July 20, 2015

As the popularity of vaping continues to increase, innovation in the performance of vaping devices seems to have moved in lockstep with it, affording e-cigarette enthusiasts more flexibility in how they choose to enjoy their vaping experience. Vapers are famous for engaging in the practice known as “modding” (meaning “modifying”), which is the process of […]

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What is an Electronic Cigarette Box Mod?

What is an Electronic Cigarette Box Mod
July 13, 2015

Electronic cigarettes first debuted on the market in 2007, and have essentially exploded in popularity since that time. The newness of commercially available e-cigarette devices gave way to a certain level of creativity and inventiveness among vaping enthusiasts, as many of the products that were being introduced at the time did not offer certain features […]

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What is Electronic Cigarette Liquid?

July 6, 2015

Electronic cigarette liquid, also known as “e-juice” or “vaping juice”, is the very essence of vaping itself. Keep in mind that the job of an e-cigarette is to produce a simulated smoking experience, and this is accomplished by way of heating e-juice until it is converted into a vapor that has a smoke-like appearance. So […]

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Dr. Derek Yach – “Electronic Cigarettes Are Life Savers”

June 29, 2015

Electronic cigarettes (a.k.a. e-cigarettes) are a relatively new product on the market, but they have already been widely hailed as the most viable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes for smokers who are looking for a way to kick the habit. While e-cigarettes have continued to increase in popularity, important entities such as the World Health […]

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