6 Ways Quitting Smoking Makes You Smoking Hot

August 10, 2015

Kicking your cigarette habit not only makes you healthier – it can make you smoking hot! Face it, smoking takes a toll on your looks, and when you quit smoking your appearance can improve in six important ways.

Cleaner and Younger Looking Skin

Smoking cigarettes pushes carbon monoxide into the blood stream then to your skin causing it to discolor and wrinkle prematurely. After quitting smoking, in time, your skin becomes clearer and looks younger. In addition, collagen production returns to normal levels and your skin will look healthier and more natural.
Whiter Teeth

Studies have shown smoking cigarettes over time can give your teeth a “yellow tinge”. Smoking can even blacken teeth and contribute to tooth decay – Ewww! But, good news – the damage to your teeth will stop once you quit smoking.
Brighter Eyes

Quitting smoking can also have an effect on your eyes by regaining the sparkle they had before you began smoking cigarettes. Eyes exposed to smoke’s irritants can exhibit a reddish color produce a tired look by stopping regulatory antibodies. When you first quit smoking, sometimes your eyes may be a bit sensitive.. But, given some time, they will have the same shine they once did.
Facial Wrinkles

Smoking cigarettes expedites the wrinkling process and will age your skin prematurely. While quitting cigarettes can’t reverse all the damage, it can improve facial wrinkles and slow down the process.
Perk Up Your Breasts

Smoking damages your cells and can cause skin on certain areas of the body to sag by robbing your skin of elasticity and tone. The sagging process stops when you quit smoking. Some studies have linked smoking and second-hand smoke to breast cancer.
Put More Shine In Your Hair

The shine and luster of your hair will return once you stop smoking. The 7,000 chemicals found in cigarettes affect the entire body including hair follicles. Smoking has even been associated with hair loss.