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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Introduces the New Nickel Coil That fits in the Donner 22 Tank and also is Compatible with the Atlantis

August 10, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Breathe’s nickel coil not only fits Breathe Intelligent Cigarette’s popular new Donner 22 sub-ohm tank, but fits right into Aspire’s Atlantis Tank, which features an innovative bottom vertical coil design.
Coil Specs
The nickel coil is suitable for use in temperature control units up to 0.15 ohms, and it supports 600C. The nickel coil creates a great taste and gives tons of vapor. The new nickel coils are available in a five pack on the Breathe Intelligent Cigarette web site.
Donner 22 and Atlantis Tanks
The Donner 22 sub-ohm tank has made a mark with vape enthusiasts since its recent release by Breathe Intelligent Cigarette. The tank comes equipped with a 0.5 ohm coil and a spare, and users can change in the 0.3 ohm nickel coil to customize their experience.
The Breathe Intelligent Cigarette’s new 0.3 nickel coil is interchangeable with the Atlantis Tank coil. The Atlantis design is a tank system with an adjustable air flow design. It features a bottom vertical coil design, which improves taste and gives off maximum vapor.
About Breath Intelligent Cigarette
Founders of Breathe Intelligent Cigarette formed the company in 2007 just as U.S. consumers embraced the electronic cigarette. The trend swept through the nation, with Breathe Intelligent at the forefront developing disposable e-cigarettes, vape systems, mod kits and many accessories.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette prides itself on listening to its customers, which now include vape enthusiasts around the world.
Today, the company sells several brands worldwide to both retail establishments and wholesalers. Its products are sold in major grocery store chains, sites specializing in vaping equipment and accessories, casinos and hotels.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette offers tanks, coils, electronic hookah pens, disposable e-cigarettes, starter and expansion kits, e-liquids and batteries and other accessories.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette may be contacted at 866-237-0006 or at http://www.breatheic.com.
Contact: Bill Huff, (866) 237-0006, bill@breatheic.com
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, 8167 Main Street, Suite #206 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043