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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette Liquid Flavors

September 5, 2015

Due to the diversity that E-Liquid brings to the game, there will never be a shortage of flavors when it comes to E-cigarettes. Once a person steps into the world of vaping they will quickly discover that one door usually leads to ten others. This can be a great thing, but it also adds a little intimidation. How does a person go about finding the right electronic cigarette liquid flavor that won’t just substitute tobacco, but make it all the worthwhile?
How do you like to get your Vape on?
The first question to ask is how you prefer your vapor? Do you like a smooth and strong throat hit or thicker vapor? This is the great thing about vaping, because you really do get the option to personalize your experience. Maybe you’d like a combination of both? Remember that different ingredients will have different effects. If perhaps you want more taste then look for a flavor that’s dominantly Propylene Glycol, while Vegetable Glycerin is responsible for dense vapor.
Make a List of Favorites
The general consensus among people who have switched from smoking suggest starting with familiar flavors, such as tobacco and menthol. This is a good place to begin the journey, especially if you are still unsure about crossing over. From there you can gradually explore other options, for example fruit and candy flavors. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from and the options expand by the day.
Find a Quality Brand
There is no getting past the rule that you get what you pay for. E-cigarettes brands such as Breathe Flavours are not excluded from this rule. Choose a quality liquid and make sure to test several different flavors. A good reason to pay attention to the quality also involves the nicotine ingredient. Traditional smokers don’t have nearly as much options when choosing the amount of nicotine that should be in cigarette, which is handy if you are only looking to mimic the experience. Even though e-liquid is considered safe, they should still come from brands that guarantee quality.
You can have many Favorites
The best part of shopping for E-juice is that you don’t need to have a favorite. You are at liberty to switch from one flavor to the next without having to worry about consequences. As long as you choose high quality brands you are safe to explore until you find a flavored group that speaks to your fancy.
As you start your search for E-liquid throw the intimidation to the side and have some fun, because a flavor that doesn’t appeal to your taste buds could lead to ten that do.
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What is a Temperature Control Cigarette Tank?

August 3, 2015

There have been several notable changes and in the electronic cigarette market in recent years, with one of the most significant innovations being the temperature control cigarette tank. In vaping parlance, this newly introduced feature falls under the category of a “mod” (i.e., a modification), which means that it is an improvement upon an existing system for the purpose of augmenting the safety and performance of vaping devices. The temperature control feature for e-cigarettes is governed by a small chip that acts as a “governor” to help keep the e-cigarette from producing too much wattage output when heating the e-liquid.

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What is an Electronic Cigarette Box Mod?

July 13, 2015

Electronic cigarettes first debuted on the market in 2007, and have essentially exploded in popularity since that time. The newness of commercially available e-cigarette devices gave way to a certain level of creativity and inventiveness among vaping enthusiasts, as many of the products that were being introduced at the time did not offer certain features that e-cigarette users were looking for. Much like the old axiom indicates, necessity became the mother of invention among the vaping community, giving birth to what are now known as “mods,” or modifications. The practice of creating mods (commonly referred to as “modding”) is basically a form of “homegrown engineering,” in which e-cigarette users would tinker with cartridges, atomizers, wick materials, etc., in order to customize their vaping devices to their own liking.

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