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Top Three Social Vaping Platforms

June 12, 2015

The online vaping community is alive and kicking, and many e-cigarette vaping enthusiasts regularly visit certain social networking sites to get advice, catch up on the latest vaporizer technology news, and basically “talk shop” about all things vaping. If you’re looking for a virtual outpost where you can connect with other vaporizer fans, below are the top three vapor social networks that will perfectly fit the bill.
1. Instagram
This colossal photo-sharing social network now boasts over 300 million monthly active users. Similar to Twitter, Instagram allows you to utilize hashtags to connect with users who share similar interests. Instagram is particularly popular among the “under 35″ crowd who have largely migrated away from Facebook due to its growing reputation as the social network for middle-aged adults and seniors. Vaping enthusiasts utilize Instagram to share photos of their latest mods, capture images of recent cloud chasing exploits and highlight other aspects of the unique vaping lifestyle.
2. Reddit
Reddit is often referred to as “front page of the Internet”, and for good reason; you can find posts about virtually anything and everything somewhere within Reddit’s expansive labyrinth of sub-communities (called “subreddits”). Reddit incorporates a social networking element by allowing users to post feedback and comment on each other’s posts, vote for the posts they like, and downvote the posts that they don’t like. Reddit is known for its heated debates, so if you’re into that sort of thing, there are several forums where you can debate the pros and cons of just about anything. There are tons of great vaping subreddits available for anyone who wants to engage with some lively online vaping communities, and since Reddit is very lightly moderated for the most part, you never quite know what you’re going to encounter while you’re on the site.
3. Vine
Vine is an online video-sharing app that allows you to post 6-second videos about practically anything you choose. These videos (known as “Vines” by users) are limited to 6 seconds in order to avoid eating up large amounts of data and bandwidth, but the interesting thing is how much people are able to do with only 6 seconds of screen time. Some users have video editing skills galore, and can manage to tell an entire visually driven story in 6 short seconds using a montage of images and video clips. The vaping community on Vine is huge, so you can discover tons of vaping-related videos from other users, or post a couple of Vines yourself to show off your best vaping setups and tricks.
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