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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette Liquid Flavors

September 5, 2015

Due to the diversity that E-Liquid brings to the game, there will never be a shortage of flavors when it comes to E-cigarettes. Once a person steps into the world of vaping they will quickly discover that one door usually leads to ten others. This can be a great thing, but it also adds a little intimidation. How does a person go about finding the right electronic cigarette liquid flavor that won’t just substitute tobacco, but make it all the worthwhile?
How do you like to get your Vape on?
The first question to ask is how you prefer your vapor? Do you like a smooth and strong throat hit or thicker vapor? This is the great thing about vaping, because you really do get the option to personalize your experience. Maybe you’d like a combination of both? Remember that different ingredients will have different effects. If perhaps you want more taste then look for a flavor that’s dominantly Propylene Glycol, while Vegetable Glycerin is responsible for dense vapor.
Make a List of Favorites
The general consensus among people who have switched from smoking suggest starting with familiar flavors, such as tobacco and menthol. This is a good place to begin the journey, especially if you are still unsure about crossing over. From there you can gradually explore other options, for example fruit and candy flavors. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from and the options expand by the day.
Find a Quality Brand
There is no getting past the rule that you get what you pay for. E-cigarettes brands such as Breathe Flavours are not excluded from this rule. Choose a quality liquid and make sure to test several different flavors. A good reason to pay attention to the quality also involves the nicotine ingredient. Traditional smokers don’t have nearly as much options when choosing the amount of nicotine that should be in cigarette, which is handy if you are only looking to mimic the experience. Even though e-liquid is considered safe, they should still come from brands that guarantee quality.
You can have many Favorites
The best part of shopping for E-juice is that you don’t need to have a favorite. You are at liberty to switch from one flavor to the next without having to worry about consequences. As long as you choose high quality brands you are safe to explore until you find a flavored group that speaks to your fancy.
As you start your search for E-liquid throw the intimidation to the side and have some fun, because a flavor that doesn’t appeal to your taste buds could lead to ten that do.
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Tutorial – Temperature Control Mods

August 29, 2015

Vaping will never be a constant entity. It’s meant to evolve and shift as new innovations, ideas and information comes to the forefront. One part of the evolutionary process comes in the form of temperature control box mods. For as long as developers follow their vision to satisfy everyone who makes the switch to electronic cigarettes, temperature control will always be part of the picture. It serves a multitude of purposes and adds to the overall enjoyment of vaping. But what are these mods exactly and how do they make a difference?

The Basic Design of E-Cigarettes

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What’s the Difference Between Regulated Box Mods and Mechanical Box Mods?

August 22, 2015

The world of electronic cigarettes has a vocabulary all of its own, and it’s relatively easy for a newcomer to get confused with the various details and nuances of vaping jargon. One of the most common areas of misunderstanding is in regards to electronic cigarette box mods. Two of the most prominent terms used in the area of box mods are regulated mods and mechanical mods. So what exactly is the difference between these two box mods? We’ll start with an explanation of mechanical mods, and then we’ll move on to regulated mods.
Mechanical mods are a very basic, “no-frills” device. They do not feature any circuit boards or internal wiring, but are essentially little more than a tube that holds a battery. The top cap of your mechanical mod makes contact with the positive end of your battery, and the bottom cap of your mod makes contact with the negative (flat) end of your battery. When the mod is locked, it doesn’t allow the negative end of your battery to make contact with the bottom cap, as this will engage the coil, heating it up and turning your e-liquid into vapor. Although mechanical mods are a “bare-bones” operation, their lack of circuitry means that there’s no way to regulate temperature, which could be dangerous to novice users.
Regulated mods, on the other hand, do feature internal circuitry that allows you to control the voltage settings to a more precise level. With an electronic mod, you have the choice between using regular or variable voltage, and variable wattage as well. Their internal circuitry provides protection from potentially dangerous situations such as firing a faulty battery to the point where it melts. If there’s anything wrong with your connections, your regulated mod will shut down, a feature that functions as a fail-safe for novice e-cigarette users. Many regulated mods feature built-in Ohm meters and voltage meters, which serve to help familiarize newbies with the ins and outs of controlling power flow in their e-cigarette device. There’s quite a variety of regulated mods available on the market, some of which can get fairly advanced in terms of providing variable wattage and voltage settings.
The matter of whether to choose a mechanical mod or regulated mod is largely a matter of personal preference. Mechanical mods require a solid understanding of battery safety, while regulated mods take a lot of the “grunt work” out of voltage and wattage control. Whichever mod you choose, make sure you gain a thorough understanding of the features and characteristics of that device, so that you can stay safe and have a pleasant vaping experience.
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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Offers a 100% Guarantee for Six Months on all Products

June 19, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette has become a leader in the electronic cigarette industry by building loyal customers through exceeding customer’s expectations and providing superior e-cig and vaping products. This includes a new 100% guarantee for six months on all products and materials.
This guarantee is especially important for Breathe Intelligent Cigarette’s partnership with China, where distance and shipping costs can complicate customer service issues such as quality. Companies doing business in the country with the world’s largest population face long shipping times and costly expenses. Typically, a manufacturer cannot or will not honor a return.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette eliminates that problem with its full guarantee which extends for six months and covers all of its products. This means any customer whether in the United States or as distant as China can purchase Breathe E-Cig products knowing they have full recourse if they are not completely satisfied.
The company prides itself on listening to its customers, delivering quality products, and quickly resolving any customer issues.
About Breath Intelligent Cigarette
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette comprises five major brands overseas and sells more than 10 major brands in the United States. Breathe Intelligent Cigarette products are on sale in super markets, drug stores, vapor shops and casinos and hotels as well as in many other locations.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette offers a wide variety of equipment, accessories and e-liquids in a variety of flavors. Products include the Breathe E-cig, tanks, electronic cigarette coils, kits for starting out and for expanding, hookah pens, and mods and boxes, clearomizers.
For customer service call Breathe Intelligent Cigarette at 866-237-0006 or visit Breathe online at http://www.breatheic.com.
Contact: Bill Huff, (866) 237-0006, bill@breatheic.com
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, 8167 Main Street, Suite #206 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

University of Wisconsin Receives $3.7 Million Dollar Grant for Electronic Cigarette Study

June 12, 2015

The University of Wisconsin recently received a $3.7 million dollar grant to begin conducting a 5-year study that will be of particular interest to anyone who currently uses electronic cigarettes. This seminal study seeks to observe and document the effects of vaping and smoking together, a practice that is commonly referred to as “dual use”.
While the specific details of the study have yet to be released, what can be gathered is that the University of Wisconsin will solicit the help of 400 people (150 smokers and 250 “dual users”) in order to study the public health effects of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes versus smoking along with vaping. The researchers who are conducting the study aim to “inform public health policy” by providing meaningful statistics regarding the differences in health effects of traditional smoking versus vaping.
The study, which is slated to begin in the Fall of 2015, is being hailed by vaping supporters as a long-awaited confirmation of what most consider to be an obvious safety difference between e-cigarette vaporizing and smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. As decades of research have pointed out, tobacco smoke is filled with literally thousands of toxins and confirmed carcinogens that are actually more potent when inhaled second-hand. For example, some of the chemicals and toxins found in traditional cigarettes include tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic, DDT, and formaldehyde. Although lobbyists for Big Tobacco managed to stave off regulatory pressures for several years, the avalanche of years of research has now made the evidence all but irrefutable that tobacco smoke poses a serious health risk to smokers and those affected by second-hand smoke alike. Vaping supporters hope that this new study will dispel much of the ambiguity regarding the safety risks of vaping, especially in comparison to traditional smoking.
The University of Wisconsin study will employ the use of biomarkers (e.g., blood pressure, etc.) to help measure the health effects of dual use over a prolonged period of time. While periodic measurements over a 90-day period may provide a decent amount of data to identify trends, the law of large numbers will come into play with this study, as it will take place over a period of five years. By using a large quantity of data collected over several years–and with hundreds of participants involved–researchers will be provided with much more reliable data, which will help them draw more accurate and informed conclusions.
The five-year study will give researchers ample time and data to be able to identify key changes in important biomarkers, which can provide clues as to certain physical effects that may come from dual use. While vaping enthusiasts have long believed that electronic cigarettes are far safer than traditional cigarettes, there has been very little in regards to “real” scientific studies that could serve to give them the ammunition they have sought to quell rumors and speculation regarding the safety of e-cigarette use. Since vaping is widely considered to be the most viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, many would-be e-cigarette users are earnestly seeking to understand exactly what their options are in terms of alternative nicotine delivery systems. The Wisconsin study will more than likely spawn several others, as inquiries from advocacy groups and government regulators regarding e-cigarette safety continue to increase. Hopefully, the study will not only provide conclusive information regarding the potential health effects of dual use, but it might possibly unlock vital information regarding new types of cessation treatment options as well.
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Top Three Social Vaping Platforms

June 12, 2015

The online vaping community is alive and kicking, and many e-cigarette vaping enthusiasts regularly visit certain social networking sites to get advice, catch up on the latest vaporizer technology news, and basically “talk shop” about all things vaping. If you’re looking for a virtual outpost where you can connect with other vaporizer fans, below are the top three vapor social networks that will perfectly fit the bill.
1. Instagram
This colossal photo-sharing social network now boasts over 300 million monthly active users. Similar to Twitter, Instagram allows you to utilize hashtags to connect with users who share similar interests. Instagram is particularly popular among the “under 35″ crowd who have largely migrated away from Facebook due to its growing reputation as the social network for middle-aged adults and seniors. Vaping enthusiasts utilize Instagram to share photos of their latest mods, capture images of recent cloud chasing exploits and highlight other aspects of the unique vaping lifestyle.
2. Reddit
Reddit is often referred to as “front page of the Internet”, and for good reason; you can find posts about virtually anything and everything somewhere within Reddit’s expansive labyrinth of sub-communities (called “subreddits”). Reddit incorporates a social networking element by allowing users to post feedback and comment on each other’s posts, vote for the posts they like, and downvote the posts that they don’t like. Reddit is known for its heated debates, so if you’re into that sort of thing, there are several forums where you can debate the pros and cons of just about anything. There are tons of great vaping subreddits available for anyone who wants to engage with some lively online vaping communities, and since Reddit is very lightly moderated for the most part, you never quite know what you’re going to encounter while you’re on the site.
3. Vine
Vine is an online video-sharing app that allows you to post 6-second videos about practically anything you choose. These videos (known as “Vines” by users) are limited to 6 seconds in order to avoid eating up large amounts of data and bandwidth, but the interesting thing is how much people are able to do with only 6 seconds of screen time. Some users have video editing skills galore, and can manage to tell an entire visually driven story in 6 short seconds using a montage of images and video clips. The vaping community on Vine is huge, so you can discover tons of vaping-related videos from other users, or post a couple of Vines yourself to show off your best vaping setups and tricks.
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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Announces a New Blog, In the News, & Media Section

June 11, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette has always been the top source for vaping products from e-cigarettes to mods to hookah pens. Now, the Breathe Intelligent Cigarette website is home to the latest news and discussions about the ever growing electronic cigarette and vaping industry.
The company’s blog is filled with informative pieces about the basics of e-cigarettes as well as where to meet up and chat with other vape enthusiasts online. The blog also delves into popular topics like whether vaping is a good way to quit smoking and what studies are researching the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette also announces the addition of its “In the News,” section where they give readers the latest information on the electronic cigarette and vaping industry. It features the newest additions to Breath Intelligent Cigarette’s lines, as well as the company’s expansion into major grocery chains and pharmacies in the United States and beyond. Breathe’s “In The News” section includes industry information such as electronic cigarette sales trends, company announcements, milestones, and even its latest trade shows schedules to showcase its product to consumers and merchants.
Breathe’s Media section will include videos from across the industry to inform it’s visitors of ever the changing electronic cigarette and vaping market. The Media section will also include Breathe Intelligent Cigarette’s promotional and informative company videos.
Breathe’s new Blog, In The News, and Media sections were a requirement during their recent new website design.
Bill Huff, Breathe’s President, said, “Our newly designed website will provide our visitors with an easy to navigate website to purchase products – but, most importantly, we want to engage our audience through education so they can stay up-to-date with us on the ever evolving e-cig and vaping world.
The site has a fresh, modern look and provides easy access to products and information. The company’s website also provides information on equipment, federal regulations and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
About Breathe Intelligent Cigarette
Breathe electronic cigarette company opened in 2007 when the electronic cigarette industry first began to grow. Now, the company is an industry leader focused on meeting customer expectations and buying the highest quality ingredients and materials for its products. Breathe sells and distributes worldwide with 10 major brands of electronic cigarettes in the United States and five in Europe and Asia. Breathe’s products can be found online and in major grocery store chains, the best vapor shops, hotels, lounges and casinos.
For more information contact Breathe Intelligent Cigarette at 866-237-0006 or on its web site at http://www.breatheic.com.
Contact: Bill Huff, (866) 237-0006, bill@breatheic.com
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, 8167 Main Street, Suite #206 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Releases iFancy 50 Watt Box

June 9, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD. – The new iFancy 50 Watt is the latest box mod from Breathe Intelligent Cigarette and adds another touch of style to the vaping crowd.
Like the original Breathe iFancy, the 50 Watt has several unique features and a stylish appearance to appeal to the tastes of vapor users. The iFancy 50 watt box has an adjustable output power of 7 to 50 watts and has an output of 1.4 to 9.0 volts. The new iFancy 50 Watt box mod has an Atomizer resistance capability of 0.3 to 5.0 ohm, allowing vaping users to adjust for the perfect throat hit. The battery size is 2600 mAh. The LED screen keeps users updated with displays of resistance, voltage, wattage, and battery lifespan. There is an overcharged USB on the bottom of the box mod.
The new mod box includes several circuit protections including:
– output shortage protection- overheating protection- over usage protection- over charged protection- battery low voltage protection
tank flush-floatable pin.
This updated iFancy 50 Watt comes in four colors: green, silver, blue and black and sells for $69.95.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette offers the iFancy 50 Watt box mod alongside many e-cig and vaping equipment and accessories on the company’s website.
About Breath Intelligent Cigarette
Created in 2007, Breathe Intelligent Cigarette built its reputation in the emerging electronic-cigarette industry by listening to and fulfilling the expectations of its customers. An international business, Breathe Intelligent Cigarette boasts 10 brands of high quality e-cigarettes in the United States and sells an additional five brands in Asia and in Europe. In addition to selling its products online, Breath Intelligent Cigarette makes its products available in vape shops, hotels, large grocery and pharmacy chains, casinos, lounges and hotels.
For customer service call Breathe Intelligent Cigarette at 866-237-0006 or visit Breathe online at http://www.breatheic.com.
Contact: Bill Huff, (866) 237-0006, bill@breatheic.com
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, 8167 Main Street, Suite #206 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Breathe Intelligent Cigarette From Partnership with HEB Grocery Chain

May 29, 2015

SWANSEA – MA – May 29th 2015 – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette has partnered with the largest grocery store chain in Texas.
H-E-B will sell several items from Breathe’s e-cig product lines including vaporizer kits, single dual coil tanks and smokeless tobacco products in flavors including Berry Rock, coffee & cream and Apple. The items will be available on cigarette racks in H-E-B stores.

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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Introduces 3 New Vaping Tanks

April 21, 2015

West Jefferson, NC – 20th April 2015 Great news for anyone looking to buy Vaping Tanks, Breathe Intelligent Cigarette introduces its 3 new tanks! The company, which has been taking the market for cigarettes and vaporing by storm since 2007, has recently unveiled its newest addition to their Vaping product’s family. Whether you are a first time buyer, looking for the best money can buy, or, are a seasoned user looking to replace your current model, one of these Vaping Tanks is sure to be a match!

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To Vape or Not to Vape – But, Quit Smoking Nonetheless

March 19, 2015

The E-Cigarette or Electronic Cigarette industry and public health officials have been battling for several years over whether electronic cigarettes should be treated as less harmful cigarettes that help people quit smoking or as a gateway that will lead the young generation to a deadly habit. Everybody agrees that cigarette smoking is hazardous to health. Yet approximately 1.3 billion people in the world smoke cigarettes. Nearly 70% of smokers want to quit, but in spite of the abundant medical studies on the negative consequences of smoking cigarettes, the vast majority of them fail to quit smoking. Going cold turkey works for less than 10% of the people who smoke tobacco cigarettes. Even with counseling and the use of aids that are approved by the U.S. FDA, like the non-nicotine medicines and nicotine patch, 75% of smokers light up again after only one year.

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Will Electronic Cigarettes Pass Combustible Cigarette Sales Within The Next 10 Years – Bonnie Herzog says, “Yes”.

March 19, 2015

Since they started being sold in the United States in 2007, electronic cigarettes sales have increased each year, and recently hit the billion dollar mark in annual sales. This surge in sales of e­cigarettes and other vaporizing devices has led many industry experts to wonder if vapor will eventually pass combustible cigarette in sales.

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