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What is a Temperature Control Box Mod?

July 20, 2015

As the popularity of vaping continues to increase, innovation in the performance of vaping devices seems to have moved in lockstep with it, affording e-cigarette enthusiasts more flexibility in how they choose to enjoy their vaping experience. Vapers are famous for engaging in the practice known as “modding” (meaning “modifying”), which is the process of tinkering with the various components of a vaping device in order to improve some aspect of its performance. One of the most popular mods to emerge in recent months is the temperature control box mod, which is basically a box-shaped encasing that houses an e-cigarette, and that contains a small chip that controls the temperature of the wire coils in the atomizer of a vaping device. This sets a limit on how hot they can get, and is designed to be a “fail-safe” so that the coils never heat up to dangerously high levels.

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