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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette Liquid Flavors

September 5, 2015

Due to the diversity that E-Liquid brings to the game, there will never be a shortage of flavors when it comes to E-cigarettes. Once a person steps into the world of vaping they will quickly discover that one door usually leads to ten others. This can be a great thing, but it also adds a little intimidation. How does a person go about finding the right electronic cigarette liquid flavor that won’t just substitute tobacco, but make it all the worthwhile?
How do you like to get your Vape on?
The first question to ask is how you prefer your vapor? Do you like a smooth and strong throat hit or thicker vapor? This is the great thing about vaping, because you really do get the option to personalize your experience. Maybe you’d like a combination of both? Remember that different ingredients will have different effects. If perhaps you want more taste then look for a flavor that’s dominantly Propylene Glycol, while Vegetable Glycerin is responsible for dense vapor.
Make a List of Favorites
The general consensus among people who have switched from smoking suggest starting with familiar flavors, such as tobacco and menthol. This is a good place to begin the journey, especially if you are still unsure about crossing over. From there you can gradually explore other options, for example fruit and candy flavors. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from and the options expand by the day.
Find a Quality Brand
There is no getting past the rule that you get what you pay for. E-cigarettes brands such as Breathe Flavours are not excluded from this rule. Choose a quality liquid and make sure to test several different flavors. A good reason to pay attention to the quality also involves the nicotine ingredient. Traditional smokers don’t have nearly as much options when choosing the amount of nicotine that should be in cigarette, which is handy if you are only looking to mimic the experience. Even though e-liquid is considered safe, they should still come from brands that guarantee quality.
You can have many Favorites
The best part of shopping for E-juice is that you don’t need to have a favorite. You are at liberty to switch from one flavor to the next without having to worry about consequences. As long as you choose high quality brands you are safe to explore until you find a flavored group that speaks to your fancy.
As you start your search for E-liquid throw the intimidation to the side and have some fun, because a flavor that doesn’t appeal to your taste buds could lead to ten that do.
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Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Announces a New Blog, In the News, & Media Section

June 11, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. – Breathe Intelligent Cigarette has always been the top source for vaping products from e-cigarettes to mods to hookah pens. Now, the Breathe Intelligent Cigarette website is home to the latest news and discussions about the ever growing electronic cigarette and vaping industry.
The company’s blog is filled with informative pieces about the basics of e-cigarettes as well as where to meet up and chat with other vape enthusiasts online. The blog also delves into popular topics like whether vaping is a good way to quit smoking and what studies are researching the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette also announces the addition of its “In the News,” section where they give readers the latest information on the electronic cigarette and vaping industry. It features the newest additions to Breath Intelligent Cigarette’s lines, as well as the company’s expansion into major grocery chains and pharmacies in the United States and beyond. Breathe’s “In The News” section includes industry information such as electronic cigarette sales trends, company announcements, milestones, and even its latest trade shows schedules to showcase its product to consumers and merchants.
Breathe’s Media section will include videos from across the industry to inform it’s visitors of ever the changing electronic cigarette and vaping market. The Media section will also include Breathe Intelligent Cigarette’s promotional and informative company videos.
Breathe’s new Blog, In The News, and Media sections were a requirement during their recent new website design.
Bill Huff, Breathe’s President, said, “Our newly designed website will provide our visitors with an easy to navigate website to purchase products – but, most importantly, we want to engage our audience through education so they can stay up-to-date with us on the ever evolving e-cig and vaping world.
The site has a fresh, modern look and provides easy access to products and information. The company’s website also provides information on equipment, federal regulations and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
About Breathe Intelligent Cigarette
Breathe electronic cigarette company opened in 2007 when the electronic cigarette industry first began to grow. Now, the company is an industry leader focused on meeting customer expectations and buying the highest quality ingredients and materials for its products. Breathe sells and distributes worldwide with 10 major brands of electronic cigarettes in the United States and five in Europe and Asia. Breathe’s products can be found online and in major grocery store chains, the best vapor shops, hotels, lounges and casinos.
For more information contact Breathe Intelligent Cigarette at 866-237-0006 or on its web site at http://www.breatheic.com.
Contact: Bill Huff, (866) 237-0006, bill@breatheic.com
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, 8167 Main Street, Suite #206 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Breathe Intelligent Cigarette Releases iFancy 50 Watt Box

June 9, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD. – The new iFancy 50 Watt is the latest box mod from Breathe Intelligent Cigarette and adds another touch of style to the vaping crowd.
Like the original Breathe iFancy, the 50 Watt has several unique features and a stylish appearance to appeal to the tastes of vapor users. The iFancy 50 watt box has an adjustable output power of 7 to 50 watts and has an output of 1.4 to 9.0 volts. The new iFancy 50 Watt box mod has an Atomizer resistance capability of 0.3 to 5.0 ohm, allowing vaping users to adjust for the perfect throat hit. The battery size is 2600 mAh. The LED screen keeps users updated with displays of resistance, voltage, wattage, and battery lifespan. There is an overcharged USB on the bottom of the box mod.
The new mod box includes several circuit protections including:
– output shortage protection- overheating protection- over usage protection- over charged protection- battery low voltage protection
tank flush-floatable pin.
This updated iFancy 50 Watt comes in four colors: green, silver, blue and black and sells for $69.95.
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette offers the iFancy 50 Watt box mod alongside many e-cig and vaping equipment and accessories on the company’s website.
About Breath Intelligent Cigarette
Created in 2007, Breathe Intelligent Cigarette built its reputation in the emerging electronic-cigarette industry by listening to and fulfilling the expectations of its customers. An international business, Breathe Intelligent Cigarette boasts 10 brands of high quality e-cigarettes in the United States and sells an additional five brands in Asia and in Europe. In addition to selling its products online, Breath Intelligent Cigarette makes its products available in vape shops, hotels, large grocery and pharmacy chains, casinos, lounges and hotels.
For customer service call Breathe Intelligent Cigarette at 866-237-0006 or visit Breathe online at http://www.breatheic.com.
Contact: Bill Huff, (866) 237-0006, bill@breatheic.com
Breathe Intelligent Cigarette, 8167 Main Street, Suite #206 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043