What is a Temperature Control Cigarette Tank?

August 3, 2015
What is a Temperature Control Cigarette Tank

There have been several notable changes and in the electronic cigarette market in recent years, with one of the most significant innovations being the temperature control cigarette tank. In vaping parlance, this newly introduced feature falls under the category of a “mod” (i.e., a modification), which means that it is an improvement upon an existing system for the purpose of augmenting the safety and performance of vaping devices. The temperature control feature for e-cigarettes is governed by a small chip that acts as a “governor” to help keep the e-cigarette from producing too much wattage output when heating the e-liquid.


The temperature control mod typically utilizes wire coils (often comprised of nickel) as a way to “inform” the chip as to when the temperature of the e-cig is beginning to reach unsafe levels, as this can damage certain elements of the e-cigarette such as the wick, coil or liquid. Once the chip (often called a “board”) detects a dangerously high temperature, it will then put a limit on the wattage output to keep temperatures from becoming too high. Without this temperature control feature, high wattage e-cigs can run the risk of causing damage to the vaping device, and can even trigger an explosion of the battery.


Having the temperature control feature in place will ensure that your e-cigarette has a “fail-safe” to keep every element of the device functioning in proper order. The chip will automatically shut power off to the e-cigarette as a means to limit dangerously high wattage output, which can possibly result in burned coils or dried-out e-liquid, both of which can produce an unpleasant flavor. The temperature control mod will ensure that even if you want slightly warmer vapor, you will be able to adjust the wattage setting, and the chip will then make incrementally higher adjustments until the desired level is safely reached. This will ultimately provide you with a greater level of protection from any device malfunctions, and it will contribute towards enhancing your vaping experience.


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