What is a Vaporizer Mod?

July 27, 2015
What is a Vaporizer Mod

The advent of e-cigarettes has spawned an entire community of highly engaged vaping enthusiasts, many of whom are very creative in how they choose to select their vaping devices and accompanying equipment. As with any other subculture, vaping has its own jargon and modes of expression, and vapers the world over are constantly looking for ways to express their individuality through personalizing or customizing their vaping devices. This has resulted in a practice that is commonly known as “modding”, which is basically the act of modifying a vaping device to improve its performance and enhance its aesthetic appeal.


A vaporizer mod (a.k.a. “vape mod”) is a vaping pen that has essentially been “beefed up” to increase its functionality. Vape pens are often modified to enhance flavor output, improve throat hit and increase the overall amount of vapor being produced by the device. These types of results are often achieved by modifying and equipping the vaping pen with a larger battery, which will increase vapor production and boost flavor output by a noticeable degree. Since a larger battery requires more room, vape pens are often modified with larger casing in order to house these more powerful batteries, resulting in a vape pen that is noticeably thicker and more robust in size.


Although vape mods offer more power and functionality, the trade-off is in the portability department. Since they are typically larger in size, they are not as convenient to transport when you’re on the go. While this is not a deal-breaker for many vape mod enthusiasts, most users would rather limit their “souped-up” vaping devices to personal use at home. Whether you decide to use your vape mod around the house or when you’re out and about, the great thing about it is that there a ton of different styles and designs available that can give your particular mod a unique look.


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